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How to unpack your succulent gift box

How to unpack your succulent gift box

Congrats! You have a gift box from Succulent Den! I hope your succulents reached you in perfect condition! To ensure that you’re giving your new succulents the best chance to thrive, unpack the plants from the gift box as soon as you receive them. 

Carefully remove the protective wrapper and check that the succulents are undamaged. Fill a bowl with around 3″ deep of water. Place your succulents in the bowl and allow them to absorb water for at least 3 hours or until the water has dried up.  

Every succulent have different needs in regards to sunlight, and watering. Most succulents will not need watering regularly during the winter months. The best way to test if your plants need watering is to put your finger in the soil, if the soil is damp, that means that your succulent does not need water yet. If the soil is dry then it’s time to give them a drink. 

Succulent Care Card

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We send our succulents with dry soil to prevent root rot during transport. So, it’s important that you stand them in water as soon as you receive them. 

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