Aeonium Arboreum Purple

Aeonium arboreum 'Purple' is a specific cultivar of the Aeonium arboreum, a species of succulent plant native to the Canary Islands. Aeonium arboreum 'Purple' is also commonly known as Purple Aeonium or Purple Rose.

Watering Requirements

Drought-tolerant and prefers infrequent but thorough watering. Allow the soil to dry out almost completely between waterings.

Sun Requirements

Thrives in temperatures between 15-24°c. It can be grown as a houseplant or moved indoors during the winter months to protect it from frost.


Not considered highly toxic to humans or pets.

Common Issues

Over and underwatering. Burnt leaves with exposure to strong sunlight. 

The rosettes of this plant feature flattened, spoon-shaped leaves that grow in a dense, symmetrical arrangement. The leaves are typically dark purple to burgundy in colour, providing a visually striking contrast in gardens or container arrangements.

Aeonium Arboreum Purple
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